Global Textile Group

Global Textile Group is one of the leading textile companies in Uzbekistan. The company has factories and a dye shop located in Tashkent and Ferghana, a cotton gin plant, as well as its own cotton fields with a drip irrigation system.

Products: dyeing of the canvas; knitted fabrics (both with lycra / polyester, and without them); carded yarn; compact-combed yarn; mixed yarn.

pav. 2, hall 3, 23F04
Uzbekistan, Fergana,Aviazavody Str., 2 Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Bektemir District, Vodnik Str., 79
The country
Ferghana, Tashkent
+998 (99) 029-29-29


Fabrics by purpose:

Womens clothing, Mens clothing, Children clothing, Linen fabrics

Fabrics by raw material:

Yarn-dyed fabrics

Fabrics (minimum order):

> 1000 m

Time for delivering:

15 days

Delivery time to Russia:

from 10 days

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