Kolibri trading company has been engaged in wholesale deliveries of high-quality accessories to Russia more than 7 years. Direct deliveries from factories are a guarantee of low prices and product quality. Suppliers include trusted manufacturers from China. Advantages of the company: all top models are always available, individual order according to your requirements from factories in China, selection of samples taking into account your needs, new collections of accessories every 3 months.

All the goods are in stock, the company guarantees fast delivery of the goods and additional quality control of the products before sending them. The accessories are presented in a large color range and a large size range. Product names: buttons, buckles, buttons sewn, labels, brooches, pins, textile jewelry, thermoapplications, stripes, metal jewelry.

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Fabrics by purpose:



Buttons, Embroidered badges and stickers, Buckles and Belts, Metal accessories, Other

Accessories (minimum order):

<50 pcs.50-200 pcs.200-500 pcs.500-1000 pcs.> 1000 pcs.

Price range:

From: 0,15

To: 250

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