Lavista Textile

For many years Lavista Textile has been importing fabrics directly from manufacturers from China, Korea, Italy and is one of the largest distributors in Russia. Lavista Textile offers a wide assortment of all types of fabrics for the production of clothing, lining of various textures and shades, more than 500 types of stitches, allowing to satisfy customers with both simple and refined taste.

In the catalog of the online store, you will always find the required type of fabric designed for serial and individual tailoring. The company closely follows the trends in the market, and is always ready to offer customers exclusive novelties of the season.

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Fabrics by purpose:

Children clothing, Womens clothing, Mens clothing, Linen fabrics, Lace fabrics, Dress fabrics, Shirt fabrics, Coat fabrics, Lining fabrics, Suit fabrics, Patterned / jacquard fabrics, Quilted fabrics, Other

Fabrics by raw material:

Cotton / blended fabrics, Bleached fabrics, Woolen / blended fabrics, Cashmere fabrics, Linen / blended fabrics, Silk / blended fabrics, Artificial and synthetic fiber fabrics, Elastic fabrics, Terry fabrics, Recycled fabrics, Fabrics dyed in a piece, Yarn-dyed fabrics, Other

Fabrics (minimum order):

<50 m.

Price range:

From: 40 RUB/per. m

To: 1400 RUB/per. m

Time for delivering:

2–3 weeks

Delivery time to Russia:

30–50 days

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