MAG Sewing accessories

MAG Sewing accessories was founded in 1995. Through these years we went a long way from a small wholesale company to a leader among the suppliers of sewing accessories in Russia and other countries. In the range of the company you can find everything that your business needs: sewing threads, zippers, buttons, metal accessories; lace, fabrics, ribbons, decorative braid; lining fabric, elastic band, sling, bias tape and edging, contact tape; beads, rhinestones, sequins; kits for embroidery, yarn; needles, scissors, etc.

China, Russia, Turkey

pav. 2, hall 2, 22F22
125212, Russia, Moscow, Admirala Makarova Str., 2, bld 22
The country
+7 (495) 617-03-56


Fabrics by purpose:

Children clothing, Womens clothing, Mens clothing, Lace fabrics, Dress fabrics, Shirt fabrics, Lining fabrics, Suit fabrics, Curtain fabrics, Quilted fabrics, Other

Fabrics by raw material:

Cotton / blended fabrics, Linen / blended fabrics, Silk / blended fabrics, Artificial and synthetic fiber fabrics, Elastic fabrics, Terry fabrics, Other


Velvet ribbons, Jacquard ribbons, Smooth ribbons, Buttons, Zippers, Labels, Buckles and Belts, Metal accessories, Velcro, Elastic bands and trimmings, Shoulder pads, Rhinestones and sequins, Sewing thread, Other

Fabrics (minimum order):

< 50 m

Accessories (minimum order):

< 50 pcs.

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