NevaTkani, TH

NevaTkani TH has been on the textile market since 1993. The largest wholesale company in the North-West of Russia. The main clients of the company are large sewing factories, fashion houses, retail stores and ateliers. Since 2021, a new direction has been opened - small wholesale trade through the online store for individuals. Basic principles of assortment formation: modernity and relevance of fabrics in texture and color; thoughtful selection of seasonal and capsule collections;

compliance with the main trends in world fashion. The assortment of the company includes modern fabrics and knitwear. Among them are tensel, modal, cupra, structured cotton. The fabrics are made from natural fibers and processed in accordance with modern market demands. These are mixed fabrics, embossed fabrics, translucent fabrics, trench fabrics, fabrics with various metallic and shimmery coatings, fabrics with appliqués, two-layer fabrics.

pav. 2, hall 2, 22A14
192148, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Krupskoy Str., 55, off.15
The country
Saint Petersburg
+7 (921) 953-32-88


Fabrics by purpose:

Children clothing, Womens clothing, Lace fabrics, Dress fabrics, Shirt fabrics, Coat fabrics, Lining fabrics, Suit fabrics, Patterned / jacquard fabrics

Fabrics by raw material:

Cotton / blended fabrics, Woolen / blended fabrics, Linen / blended fabrics, Silk / blended fabrics, Artificial and synthetic fiber fabrics, Elastic fabrics

Fabrics (minimum order):

<50 m

Price range:

From: RUB 99

To: RUB 799

Time for delivering:

At the warehouse

Delivery time to Russia:

At the warehouse

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