Shaoxing Yunai Textile CO., LTD.

The company has been on the market since 2017, located in Shaoxing, which is one of the main textile cities in China. The main export markets of the company are (Dubai, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates), Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar), South and Central America (Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico).Since 2020, the company began working with Russia and Kazakhstan, for this purpose a Russian-speaking employee appeared in the company, so that it would be more convenient for clients.

The company specializes in fabrics for suits, shirts, for all kinds of uniforms - school, corporate, military, aviation, HORECA, medical. In addition to custom production, there is also a warehouse for finished products. The main advantage of the company lies in its favorable price / quality ratio, in a conscientious and attentive approach to working with clients.

pav. 2, hall 2, 22H03
312030, China, Zhejiang, Shaoxing, Keqiao, Yuminglu, 1068, Central Building, floor 19, off. 1903
The country
+86 (186) 6800-8570


Fabrics by purpose:

Children clothing, Womens clothing, Mens clothing, Dress fabrics, Shirt fabrics, Suit fabrics, Other

Fabrics by raw material:

Cotton / blended fabrics, Woolen / blended fabrics, Artificial and synthetic fiber fabrics, Elastic fabrics, Fabrics dyed in a piece, Yarn-dyed fabrics, Other

Fabrics (minimum order):

> 1000 m

Price range:

From: $ 1

To: $ 16

Time for delivering:

10–15 days / 30–45 days

Delivery time to Russia:

2–4 weeks

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